“adjacencies” and “Baptism” in Pretty Owl Poetry, Issue 27

“portrait of disaster that will repeat and repeat” in Foundry Journal, Issue 14

“doodling at a temporary job (near the end of the world)” in Columbia Journalwinner of the Black History Month Special Issue Contest

“Flood the Room” in FENCEIssue 35

“Slumber Party” and “Rubber Days” in Night Block, Edition 10

“adventures” and “talk therapy” in Puerto Del Sol, Black Voices Series

“Listen” in Nepantla: An Anthology for Queer Poets of Color (Nightboat Books), and featured at Tin House 

“Unfinished Study” in Red Paint Hill, Issue 17

“Unearthed” in The Shade Journal, Emerging Queer Poets of Color Spotlight Issue

“Suffer” in Beecher’s Magazine, Issue 7

“glitterwaves” in Underblong

“Dear Mr. Officer,” “Wiz Boy,” “To Kevin,” and “Back at One” in FreezeRay Poetry

“The Mole” in The Shade Journal

“Other Boys” in Foundry